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Is Maverick Games a licensed gaming site?
How do I know my funds are safe with Maverick Games?
How do I contact support?
What if after talking to support, I still have questions?
Are your casino games fair?
How do I deposit and withdraw?
Does Maverick charge fees for deposits?
How long do deposits take to reach my account?
How do I open a Maverick Games account?
Why do you ask me to verify my account?
Why can't I create an account in my country?
Can I change my username or personal details?
Can I have more than one Maverick Games account?
Why do I need to provide my mobile phone number?
How do I close my account?
How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to marketing messages?
What is responsible gaming?
What is self exclusion and how do I set it?
I've changed my mind about self excluding. Can I unlock my account?
What happens if I still have funds in my account after self excluding?
Can I set my own deposit or play limits?
What currencies do you support?
Can I buy Bitcoin from Maverick Games?
How can I check my deposit and withdrawal transaction history?
What is an mBTC?
I have made my Bitcoin deposit, but I'm still waiting for the amount to show on my account?
What are the maximum and minimum bet limits in each casino game?
What Bitcoin unit are the casino games played in?
What happens if I lose connection in the middle of a game?
What if there is a malfunction with a game?
What should I do in case of an error or dispute with a game?
How are the odds displayed?
What is ‘In-Play’ betting?
What is the minimum amount I can bet?
Can I change or cancel my bet after I have placed it?
How long does it take to pay out settled bets?
Is there a welcome bonus available?
How can I reset my password?
Can I cancel my withdrawal? Yes!
How do I make a Maverick Poker account?
Is there a maximum withdrawal limit?
How do I contact customer service?
How long does a withdrawal take?
What formats of poker do you offer?
Are all poker hands random?